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"That's a smart awnser to a difficult question." -Emma (Sept. 2012)

"I really love it! You have made a great product, I have been showing all my friends and they agree, very useful and cool! Thank you! :)" -Melody (Sept. 2012)

"Love the site, love the product, love the price! Thanks for everything!" -Dylan S. (April 2012)

"If you are a true smoker this is the must have product! No more searching for sharp objects to clean or cash out your pipe with. Most importantly no more broken bowls and pipes! The Kashtray hands down is by far the most ingenious idea that no smoker should live without. I am Alex Brandon owner of www.402friendsonline.com and I recommend this product to all my 420 friends." -Alex (Jan. 2012)

"I was just looking for a fun smoking accessory type gift for my fiance for Christmas.  He is always ashing his pipe in the sink....then i clean it...then he ashes...then I clean it etc.  This is so perfect. It will make him happy and me happier, haha! " -Katharine (Dec. 2011)

"I have had a chance to use the Kashtray and it is definitely the perfect ashtray. I had a "debowler" ashtray a few years back and it was made of plastic, it also lit on fire. Right then I wished for a metal or glass ashtray of the same shape, and its the Kashtray that has delivered." -Jake C (Dec. 2011)

"I LOVE the kashtray.. BEST thing invented.." -Alishia D

"Without a doubt this is one on the best purchases I have made. I cannot wait to pick up a red one.  When do you expect to have them out? Kick ass!" -David F

"The Kashtray changed my life. The inventor of the Kashtray is a goddamn genius." -Paul Fairbanks

"The Kashtray. All I have to say is, Wow! It has to be one of the most convenient ashtrays available. With a nice look AND a pipe cleaner? What more do you need?!" -Ashylarry

"I ordered this for my fiance for valentines day. It's yet to arrive in the mail but I've already shown it to a buncha friends n theyre all jealous! Cant wait for it to arrive so that I can surprise my fiance with this ingenious invention!"  -Angelea (2/8/2011)

"This product introduces a little more sophistication towards what it is I need to do. Thank you for thinking of me!!" -Mile High Dan

"I found out about the Kashtray on the marijuana website bakedlife.com. I like the Kashtray very much. I was often frustrated by constantly having to find a pen or scissors to clean out my pipe, so the Kashtray was a no-brainer for me. The Kashtray works as advertised and I've enjoyed using it so far. The color is great too & the quality is top notch." -Roberto

"Thanks for making such a great product!"

"My Kashtray and pipe cleaners came yesterday! Both products are fantastic. I just got all my friends loving the Kashtray and have them all wanting one too. I recentley owned a "debowler" which i'm sure you're familiar with, however, your Kashtray blows that out of the water in terms of quality and usage." -Kris

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