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These are the most frequent questions I get about the Kashtray:

Q: Will the Kashtray get me laid?

A: Yes, it will.

Q: If I rub the Kashtray three times, will a genie appear?

A: Yes, and he will grant thee three wishes. But since you'll already have a Kashtray, and will therefore be getting laid, you'll only use one of them.

Q: Dude, you're a genius and I want to thank you for this wonderful invention. How can I do that?

A: Well, I am kind of a big deal, so feel free to post something on my Facebook or Twitter pages.

Q: If I use my mom's credit card, will she know I bought from a site called Kashtray.com?

A: C'mon, my mom doesn't even know I'm the inventor of the Kashtray. We're on top of this. The credit card statement will say, Paypal - Ingenious Imports, the official name of my company.