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Report: Iranian Nuclear Scientists use Kashtray for Uranium Enrichment


Saturday, January 15, 2011

According to reports from Israeli and American intelligence agencies, Iran is using a new device called the Kashtray to increase the efficiency of their uranium enrichment processes. This new development has caused a stir in the Pentagon, which is bent on stopping Iran from enriching enough uranium for a nuclear bomb.
Ali Akabar Salehi, who is also head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, would neither confirm nor deny these reports, "Would the Kashtray be very useful for us? Yes. Are we using the Kashtray? I'm not going to comment on our specific processes."
MIT professor of nuclear physics, Dr. Todd Jipps, speculated on the uses of this ashtray for pipes, "Some of my students use the Kashtray for cleaning pipes, bowls and vaporizers. I'm not sure how it could be used to make a nuclear weapon. But then again, the Kashtray is a finely-tuned product. The Iranians might be interested in its inspirational qualities."