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Now available in the USA, Canada, and Mexico!


The original Kashtray, with it's ceramic base and metal cleaning pin, is now available for purchase all over North America. If you live in Canada, the USA, or Mexico, call your local headshop and ask for the original Kashtray by name. If they don't carry the Kashtray, maybe it's time to find a new headshop. For wholesale information contact Maayan at: (206) 420-2744, or email your store details to sales@2kindustries.net.

New Kashtray Safety Caps Are Here!

The new Kashtray safety caps are finally here! Made of hardened rubber, and emblazoned with the Kashtray logo, the new Kashtray safety caps help protect against accidental injury while adding style to this remarkable pipe-cleaning device. And since the makers of the Kashtray wouldn't want any Kashtray users to go without one of the new [...]

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New Colors Are Here!!!

The new and improved Kashtray is here! The Kashtray is now available in 5 colors, and the new, sharper cleaning pin is even more effective at removing ash and other residue from your favorite smoking device. The new colors are Black Stallion, Panama Red, Sativa Green, and Purple Haze. Of course you can still get [...]

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New Colors Coming Soon!

Due to the unbelievable success of the Kashtray, the second round of Kashtrays is already in the works. This time around we are hoping to add some exciting new colors to choose from, such as red, green, black and purple. What color Kashtray would you like to see? Send me a message and let me know. Thanks, Jason jason@kashtray.com

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Kashtray: Now available at Boulder Wellness Center

The Kashtray is now available at Boulder Wellness Center, as well as several other dispensaries and head shops around the country. Call your local smoking accessory shop and ask for the Kashtray by name. Boulder Wellness Center 5420 Arapahoe Ave. Unit F(right turn after Wendy's)Boulder, CO 80303 http://boulderwc.com/

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Top Ten Things Used to Clean Pipes

We've all been there. You want to pack up a bowl of you favorite bud, but your pipe is filled with the remnants of the last bowl you smoked and it's clogged You need to clean it out, but what do you use? Here's our top ten.10. your hand9. twig8. knife7. nail6. pen/pencil5. paperclip4. keys3. toothpick2. [...]

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Kashtray Ad in High Times

Look for the Kashtray ad in the upcoming issue of High Times Magazine and you'll find a coupon code to use on your next Kashtray purchase.

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Report: Iranian Nuclear Scientists use Kashtray for Uranium Enrichment

Saturday, January 15, 2011 According to reports from Israeli and American intelligence agencies, Iran is using a new device called the Kashtray to increase the efficiency of their uranium enrichment processes. This new development has caused a stir in the Pentagon, which is bent on stopping Iran from enriching enough uranium for a nuclear bomb. Ali [...]

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Friday, January 14, 2011 US President Barack Obama has unveiled a government-wide intellectual property strategy to crack down on the sale counterfeit goods across America. The recent change in policy has come just days after the president learned that not only are imitation Nikes and iPods being sold in the United States, but also a counterfeit version of the [...]

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Ted "Golden Voice" Williams to Mull Job Offers in Rehab

Ted Williams, better known as the Man with the Golden Voice, is headed to rehab this week after admitting he still has alcohol and drug issues to deal with. Ted has had offers for voice-over work from organizations such as Kraft, the Cleveland Calaviers, and the Kashtray. While Ted has confirmed that he really doesn't care much [...]

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